EKA Launches Private Freight Marketplace Solution

by HDT Magazine   |   July 21, 2019

Read the original article here:https://www.truckinginfo.com/336424/eka-launches-private-freight-marketplace-solution EKA Solutions last year launched a unified, cloud-based Omni-TMS platform for small and medium-sized carriers, brokers, and shippers. Now the company is offering some of the capabilities of its freight ecosystem to large shippers, brokers, and carriers in a way that can complement existing TMS platforms and help them meet… Read More

HDT selected EKA Omni-TMS® as one HDT’s Top Products for 2019

by HDT Magazine   |   July 14, 2019

HDT Editorial Advisory Board selected EKA Omni-TMS® as one HDT’s Top Products for 2019. The selection was made by evaluating the product’s innovation, ability to address significant issues and, finally, based on potential to affect a fleet’s bottom line.E Please click on the following URL to see the inclusion of EKA Solutions in the 2019… Read More

EKA announces roll-out of MPlace®

by EKA Solutions   |  

EKA Solutions, Inc., announces that it has expanded the capabilities of its unified EKA Omni-TMS ® platform to extend SaaS freight Eco-System solutions to complement the existing systems for the largest shippers, brokers and carriers. The EKA MPlace® enables shippers and brokers to create private marketplaces where they can trade with their trusted providers in… Read More