EKA Offers Omni-TMS for Brokers, 3PLs

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February 20, 2020 • by HDT Staff

EKA Solutions has launched a version of its Omni-TMS for brokers and third-party logistics providers, a SaaS 4PL Omni-TMS solution. This new software-as-a-service platform will help brokers and 3PLs deliver a full complement of outsourced digital transportation management services to customers.

EKA provides a digital freight management platform to manage all the customer’s freight businesses, including freight exchange and third-party services. EKA serves as the system of record across multiple applications and seamlessly ties into other freight solutions (TMS, driver apps, etc.) and third-party services.

The digital freight management platform, or dfmX, includes a robust suite of products, such as broker, carrier and shipper TMS, EKA’s MPlace private marketplace platform, 4PL solutions, and smart digital solutions for service providers (receivables financing, insurance, etc.) to small and medium sized businesses, explained J.J. Singh, CEO of EKA Solutions. “EKA is not just a TMS company, but is developing solutions for the digital freight marketplace for trusted partners. The overall objective is to provide solutions that ‘democratize” the freight marketplace for small and medium size carriers, brokers, and shippers, making them as cost-efficient and effective as their large competitors.”

A single digital end-to-end hub delivers a seamlessly unified, consistent, efficient and effective experience across all freight management systems, freight exchanges and third-party services for a customer’s entire business with trusted entities, according to the company.

“EKA 4PL solution enables brokers and 3PLs to deliver complete customer visibility of transport movement and costs, monitor and control transport movements, benchmark carrier performance across the customer’s entire transportation chain,” said Singh. “Brokers and 3PLs are able to streamline, re-engineer and scale customers’ entire transportation function, optimize transportation performance while minimizing customer risk and transportation costs.”

The EKA 4PL Omi-TMS has been designed to be modular and flexible, for seamless integration and rapid deployment with broker or 3PL and customer legacy transportation systems, said Mark Walker, EKA president and chief digital officer. “The patented and uniquely engineered carrier negotiating, trading and integrated carrier work process portals deliver a step-change in carrier capacity acquisition productivity. The platform’s real-time visibility tools, carrier settlement and financial reporting capabilities ensure that the broker or 3PL customer is always in full control of its transportation business.”

EKA Solutions’ Omni-TMS empowers small, medium and large size broker, carrier and shipper businesses to operate from quote-to-cash with affordable digital tools, according to the company.

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